v. Yiddish: to burst with pride

“Noah’s mom kvelled when he graduated to solid food.”

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From The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Commentary: Bonus points! Free stuff! For our loyal customers”
Many clubs want us as members, and not a day goes by without them emailing us with offers. Sometimes the advantages are dubious, but if you ask us, we’ll likely sign up – just in case.

​“Time to Relive the Favorites of Summer​”
Our kids gave us a reason to do our favorite things all over again. So if the ice cream truck arrived right before dinnertime, we didn’t deny our kids, because we wanted ice cream, too. We’d stand in line with them, helping them choose, and then we’d ask them for a bite.

“Just Wait Till You Have Kids!”
It’s a revelation to young mothers when they discover that there are many different ways to parent.

​“To Pack or to Pitch? We’re the Grown Ups Now”
Cleaning out our parents’ and in-laws’ apartments and houses — when they’ve downsized, moved, or died — has made us vow not to put our kids through the same task. 

From The Forward

“Six Excuses to Celebrate Jewishly This Summer”
In the name of anthropological research, we dug into the vault and uncovered a few unknown holidays observed by Jewish suburbanites around the country. Won’t you join us in celebrating Rosh to Barbecue and Pulke Day? We will whip up an apple cake and set the table for 10.

“Hamantashen: Ode to a Purim Cookie”
In the beginning, there was mun. And it was good. But we prefer lekvar. And even though Purim is only one day, we buy or bake enough hamantashen to last for two weeks.

From NewsWorks.org

“Are We Too Old to Wear That?”
When you can’t decide which clothes you should keep, you need a daughter. We’d lend you ours, but we need them.

“How to Leave a Party Early – And Still Be a Good Person”
On the way to the affair, one of our husbands is wont to ask: “What time does this party end?” His follow-up question? “How long do you want to stay?”

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency 

“South Philly’s Hippest Bakery Has a Yiddish Name”
At Essen, South African-born pastry chef Tova du Plessis is updating Eastern-European Jewish classics with her chocolate halva babka, za’atar-topped challah, and reinvented honey cake.

From InterfaithFamily.com

“Cohen, Israelite, Levi or Royal”
When we received an email suggesting that Kate Middleton might be Jewish, we were off and running, imaging a balabusta in Buckingham Palace.



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